Bridge Magazine Report Shows Chelsea School District in State's Top 30 Percent Academically

The school district ranks 157th in Bridge Magazine’s top-to-bottom list of Michigan schools.

A new report issued by Bridge Magazine this week shows 52 Michigan public school districts and charter schools were named Academic State Champions for the 2011-12 school year.

Ann Arbor Public Schools ranked 11th overall out of 560 school districts, and was the only district in Washtenaw County in the magazine's top 50.

Districts were ranked based on schools' test scores adjusted for family income, showing where students are not only achieving but overachieving.

According to the analysis, a Value-Added Matrix (VAM) score of 100 indicates students are achieving at expected levels for their income level. The higher a school's score, the better their students are performing on standardized tests.

Chelsea School District and Dexter Community Schools rank in the state's top 30 percent, according to the magazine. Chelsea received a VAM of 103.5 and ranks 157th out of 560.

Dexter Community Schools received a VAM score of 103.13 and is ranked 167th out of 560 school districts.

Chelsea Superintendent Andrew Ingall said the study's data is only one tool the district uses to evaluate its yearly progress.

"Our task is to work with our students daily to help them learn and improve," he said. "In addition, our collective efforts as faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting ongoing improvement in our instructional practices for the benefit of student learning. We use local and state student achievement data to support and direct our improvement efforts."

Larry Cobler, president of the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education, said the report shows positive results for Dexter Schools.

"The report shows that Dexter is providing value greater than what one would expect. I think that is a positive position to be in," Cobler said. "As with any report, the district will look at the results in light of other measures that have been made over longer periods of time - something that is much more meaningful than a single measure."

"The school board will work with district administration officials to provide direction and funding in order to improve achievement of our students. I think parents will probably be more inclined to pay attention to the more personal reports that come from their children's teachers," he said.

To view a complete searchable database of schools, visit the Bridge Magazine website.

School District VAM Score Rank Chelsea 103.53 157 Dexter 103.13 167 Saline 105.51 99 Milan 94.91 446 Ann Arbor 111.87 11 Manchester 99.53 305 Ypsilanti 93.19 486


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