MDOT Courtesy Patrols Begin Feb. 1 in Washtenaw County

Patrols will help stranded motorists on US-23, M-14, and I-94 in Washtenaw County.

The Michigan Department of Transportation's Courtesy Patrol service will expand into Washtenaw County beginning Feb. 1.

The patrols mainly operate on local freeways throughout Metro Detroit and assist motorists stranded on the side of the road.

Services include providing fuel, oil, and other system fluids for disabled vehicles; clearing stranded vehicles and debris from driving lanes; changing or inflating tires; making minor mechanical repairs; securing the area around a vehicle; removing disabled vehicles; providing cell phone assistance; and transporting stranded motorists.

MDOT has established two patrol zones on US-23 between Brighton and Ann Arbor, and Washtenaw County’s urban center, including US-23, M-14 and I-94.

Courtesy patrols will operate during peak travel times on weekdays and weekends, including during special events at the University of Michigan.

Courtesy Patrol drivers are notified of motorists needing assistance in several ways. MDOT staff members continually monitor traffic cameras on freeways, while local law enforcement observing stranded motorists call into the local dispatch. Courtesy Patrol drivers also make regular patrols in designated areas looking for motorists needing help.


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